• Brand: Espressione
  • Model: ESP-P150D

The most important trend in the consumer market is the use of the easy serving espresso or pod, marketed with the label E.S.E. Why the coffee serving for use with making espresso Coffee servings are an innovative system designed for absolute simplicity in the preparation of Espresso coffee. Seven grams of coffee are compressed unto a practical filter package. The E.S.E. system (Easy Serving Espresso) is ideal for guaranteeing the level of quality of the product and is now a brand protected by the Italian "Consortium for Development" and the protective measures of the E.S.E trade standard. At home, in the office, wherever, thanks to the E.S.E. standard, it is possible to enjoy to the full the intense flavor of a quality Espresso, the unmistakable aroma of an Espresso made to perfection.

With E.S.E. the coffee is perfectly proportioned and sealed in food sale filter paper: it is no longer necessary to guess and try to gauge the exact quantity of ground coffee into the filter holder, nor to try to guess how best to compact the loose ground coffee portion; vital work area mess is avoided and the risk of using too much product, leading to finished product spoilage, is eliminated. With the E.S.E. standard the maintenance of the machine is minimal; vital time is not wasted unnecessarily cleaning the work area, the machines filter, the water dispenser and the grill after each product portion. The machine works better and the aroma and flavor of the coffee remains constant. A further advantage is that E.S.E portioning is also ecological because the filter paper used in our process is environmentally friendly.

8 lb