• Brand: Newco
  • Model: CB

Newco Commercial Barista series Digital Automatic with Faucet Brewers for High Volume Applications. Commercial Barista brewing systems use the same technology as the Cafe Barista Series, however, they are most useful when brewing larger volumes of coffee. The Commercial Barista opens up a new world of flavor profile control by allowing you to select two different settings and you can brew into two different size dispensers and/or two different strengths with the same machine. SCAA approved brewer and SCAA certified to serve Gold Cup standard Coffee.

  • “Brew 1” and “Brew 2” selectors provide a choice of two adjustable flavor profiles or portion sizes.
  • Water Volume: May be adjusted thru the digital display: thirty ounces to three gallons.
  • Digital Display: Counts down the minutes and seconds remaining until the basket has finished draining. Visa-Brew time may be adjusted.
  • Water Temperature: May be adjusted between 170 and 210 degrees from the front touch pad.
  • Pre-infusion: Wets the coffee grounds to de-gas fresh roasted coffee in the basket so that the grounds may be evenly saturated during the brew cycle.
  • Pulse Brewing: Pulses your chosen water temperature onto the coffee bed for ultimate taste profile accuracy.
  • Service Light: Indicates the appropriate time for scheduled maintenance and accompanies five “Error” messages when operation is interrupted by a fault.
  • Water Filtering Light: Offers service operators an opportunity to communicate added value to customers by indicating that fresh water is being drawn into the tank through the filtration system.
  • Filter Monitor: Alerts the customer when it is time to change the water filter.
  • Audible Signal: Alerts user when the filter basket has finished draining. Your fresh hot coffee is ready!
  • Coffee Monitor Light: Indicates the freshness of the last beverage brewed.
  • Cycle Counter: Monitors the number of brew cycles.
  • Power Conservation: Allows energy saving during idle time.
20.75 in
9.50 in
27.10 in
46 lb