• Brand: Server
  • Model: 86974

Make sandwich dressing convenient and efficient with a Squeeze Bottle Holder. Designed for use in a cold table, the holder takes up the same space as a 1/3-size steam table pan.

The lid is cutout to accept (8) squeeze bottles and keeps the cold in better than an open top. The bottle is suspended in a basket that allows cold air ready access, for better cooling. Includes (8) 16 oz (.47 L) low-density squeeze bottles.

Standard features include:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • (8) 16 oz (.47 L) squeeze bottles
  • Fits the space of a standard 1/3-size steam table pan
  • Lid holds bottle upright and helps keep cold table refrigeration from escaping
  • 2-year warranty


  • Construction: Stainless steel with a brushed (#4) finish
  • Capacity: (8) 16oz Squeeze bottles
  • Dimensions: 9.625"h x 13.4375"w x 7.0625"d
  • Weight: 4lbs
15 lb